As some of you know I have just joined the team at Camerados and I was previously at Designs in Mind- a visual arts organisation and we were/ are good at Posters. What I love about posters is that they can be beautiful to look at, pack a punch, draw attention very quickly and/or spark conversation.

One of my favourites with Designs in Mind was…

From this we sparked conversations about what are the stories in our lives, hidden behind the words I’m Fine. I have it up in my house and I love looking at it everyday.

Posters have been used throughout history to engage people to think and act differently. And I was really determined when I started at Camerados to kick off a long term project of commissioning artwork for posters with the belief that this is about creating a story for years to come, building a collection, iconic images and posters that are reflective of time.

And this week we have launched the first two- hoorah. It has been wonderful to work with Jamila Walker and Victoria Herriman over the last month and to see what the conversations have sparked.

They are available to download for free from the Camerados website and I look forward to how they will become part of our iconic poster collection.