Friday February the 19th at 8pm: everyone is welcome and if you are new to Camerados feel free to drop me an email first if you want to know more about us, oh and share it with your friends- that would be fabulous!

Register to come to the Camerados House Party here

Learn some moves with Charlie Blair from the Blair Academy here

Here are the links to catch up on our first ever broadcasts-

a #BitofCompany Lite week 1 in this episode #BeMoreHummus is born

a #BitofCompany Lite week 2 in this episode a lobster and a pineapple sing

a #BitofCompany Lite week 3 this episode be wowed by Last Christmas gossip

a #BitofCompany Lite week 4 in this episode we play the after eight game

I was sent this on whats’app this week…

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Maya Angelou

‘This has never been truer than right now, in the middle of a pandemic, when…

Hello! Hello! Hello!

We’re putting on a show!

That’s right!

Every Friday in December at 8pm we are coming to you LIVE!

Presented by Pip & Cat with a special guest host every week!

What have you got to do? NOWT! Just come along to our facebook page Every…

As some of you know I have just joined the team at Camerados and I was previously at Designs in Mind- a visual arts organisation and we were/ are good at Posters. …

Fairy lights are never far away from any event related to Camerados! And this one is no exception- a little bit of light in the winter.

My rambles on connection…

When I think about how easy it was to hang out with people, pre Corona, how I could just spontaneously…

Bit late in sharing this from last week!


At some point I will get round to making an outtakes video and share that!

You can find out more about #SpoonRooms here

The poems we shared on #NationalPoetryDay 2020

What’s my face doing?!

Here are the videos I mention above…

Catherine Wilks

Arts & Activism @ #BeMoreHuman It’s o.k to fail / Don’t fix / Mix with people / Have fun/ It’s o.k to say we disagree / Offer purpose

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